Monogrammed Letters

Monogrammed Letters – Pattern No’s. 9999 + letter

Fiesta Monograms ABC rgFiesta Monograms DHJ rg


Introduced in 2013 and exclusive to Belk.  They were discontinued the beginning of 2015.

Applied only on Turquoise Fiesta® Luncheon plates (0465). Belk offered the following letters for sale both in store and online: A, B, C, D, H, J, K, L, M, P, R, & S.  Notice that they did not offer the entire alphabet, only 12 different letters.

Fiesta Monograms KLM rgFiesta Monograms PRS rg


Pattern Numbers:

A – pattern no. 9999A

B – pattern no. 9999B

C – pattern no. 9999C

D – pattern no. 9999D

H – pattern no. 9999H

J – pattern no. 9999J

K – pattern no. 9999K

L – pattern no. 9999L

M – pattern no. 9999M

P – pattern no. 9999P

R – pattern no. 9999R

S – pattern no. 9999S


Fiesta Monograms upside down M rg

For a bonus letter turn your M plate upside down to get W.

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