Pillsbury Bake-Off®

Pillsbury Bake-Off®    –   Pattern No.  5311

Pillsbury Bake Off Pitcher cd

The summer of 2004, Betty Crocker® offered this Pillsbury Bake-Off® large disk pitcher (0484) produced on white Fiesta® for sale in their mail order sale flyers.

There were at least 3 revisions to this design according to this H sticker before it went into production.  (H13325-3)
Pillsbury Bake Off® Pitcher H sticker
There were 300 of these pitchers available according to this 2004 sales flyer (dated “offer expires 10-15-2004”). In this same sales flyer the small print states the pitcher will be available to ship in August.

Pillsbury Bake Off® 10-15-2004 Ad

Below are a few more Betty Crocker® sales flyers showing the Bake-Off® pitcher with the quantity available.

Pillsbury Bake Off® 8-15-2005 Ad

Pillsbury Bake Off® 9-15-2006 Ad






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