Betty Crocker® Exclusives

The Betty Crocker® Catalog –  By: Dana Heath-Thomas

What was the Betty Crocker® Catalog?  And what Fiesta® exclusives did they have?

It all started with spoons tucked in boxes of Wheaties in 1931.  These depression era consumers soon clamored for knives and forks as well.  From there the company, General Mills, slipped paper coupons for flatware into packages of Gold Medal Flour and other General Mills brands.  Soon baking mixes came along and point values, as well as coupons, were printed on the outside of the box. The growing number of kitchen and dining items offered at a reduced price soon wound up in a catalog, The Betty Crocker® Catalog.

How did it work?  Well, consumers would shop at the grocery, and General Mills products, as well as Betty Crocker® products, had different point value coupons on them.  After you took the groceries home and used them, you would save the coupon off of the box or bag, we kept ours in a glass ball jar.  Betty Crocker® printed a catalog 4 to 6 times a year.  After you had joined their mailing list, they would send you these catalogs.  And you could look through them and see if there was anything you wanted, or needed.  The price was clearly marked with how many points were needed to get that item at the reduced price.  Sometimes your entire order might only cost you 50 points for the best reduced price on as many items as your heart desired!

Betty Crocker 1994 - Points Coupons rg (Large)

What Betty Crocker Points looked like and where they could be found.

Betty Crocker 1994 No 26 A-B Page 36C - Fiesta Prices Points rg (Large)

Fiesta items for sale in the catalog showing the No points price vs the discounted, or thrift price + how many points needed.


Fiesta® dinnerware made it’s debut in the Betty Crocker® Catalog in 1990. Over the next 16 years they had a number of exclusive pieces and patterns.

In the early years we see that sometimes the color names were not always shown in the catalog as the company had named them, as the picture below illustrates.

Betty Crocker 1994 No 26A-B Page 36C - Fiesta Colors rg

Seamist was called Seafoam, Periwinkle was referred to as Blue, and Apricot was Peach.  Perhaps this is why some people refer to them as that color, and not the official HLC color name.

Early in 2006 the company announced that the program would be discontinued and consumers were actively encouraged to redeem their points before the deadline passed and before stock on individual items ran out.

On December 15, 2006 the pages of the Betty Crocker® Rewards Catalog closed.

Realizing that consumers would still have un-redeemed points after the catalog officially closed, Betty Crocker® arranged a deal to allow them to convert unused points into discounts at for a short time.

Below are the items that the Betty Crocker® Catalog offered as exclusives, both non-decal and decal, listed in order by year.



Betty Crocker 1991 No 22E Page 12 - 5 pc completer set rg

5 pc completer set: chop plate, individual creamer, individual sugar bowl with lid & veggie bowl (471)

1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997: nothing special


Betty Crocker 1998 Page 20 Dancing Lade Mugs - Emily Chips rg

Set of 4 Mugs

Not named in a Betty Crocker® Catalog, these mugs, referred to as “Dancing Lady mug & Designer or Dancing Carafe mug” by collectors, were sold 2 of each in a set of 4.

Letter NN in the above ad.


Betty Crocker 1999 pf 44 Chart Pie Baker rg

Deep Dish Pie Baker in Chartreuse

This color pie baker was exclusive to Betty Crocker® in this size, and the only size this color was produced in.


BettyCrockerHoliday20055 (Large)

5 piece place setting:

This set contained: dinner plate, salad/luncheon plate, soup/cereal bowl, fruit bowl, & coffee mug (ring handled)


Betty Crocker Holiday 2000 - Signature Plate - Milli III rg (Large)

Chartreuse Millennium III Vase

Introduced sometime between fall of 1999 to early spring and Discontinued in 2000.


Betty Crocker Holiday 2000 Holiday Coll - Cookies for Santa Reindeer rg (Large)

Cookies for Santa Reindeer Set

Letter T in the ad above

Holiday Fiesta a/k/a Holiday Collection

First introduced in 2000, later other shapes were added.
Letters P, Q, & R above.


Betty Crocker Holiday 2000 Juniper Pie Baker rg (Large)

Deep Dish Pie Baker in Juniper

This color pie baker was exclusive to Betty Crocker® in this size.


Betty Crocker Holiday 2000 - Some Bunny rg

Some Bunny’s Been Eating Out of My Fiesta®

This set has a teacup, and NOT a tumbler.


Betty Crocker Holiday 2000 - Signature Plate - Milli III rg (Large)

Signature Plate/ Collector’s Plate

White with Persimmon lettering.
Letter A in above ad.


Betty Crocker 2001 Pg 41 - Sm Med Pie Bakers rg

Small & Medium Pie Bakers

Originally refereed to as “Baker Bowls” in the 2001 catalog, we know these pieces as small and medium pie bakers.  Later they became a general release item.


Betty Crocker Fall 2001 Pg 41 - Noahs Ark-Babys 1st-16 pc place set rg (Large)

Light Yellow Noah’s Ark 3 piece set

1038 in the ad above.

Baby’s First Fiesta® 3 piece set

This set, unlike HLC’s 2 piece set, has the 2 handled ad cup with a rose & periwinkle strip.

1039 in the ad above.

16 piece Multi-color place setting

This set included 4 of each of the following pieces: Dinner plate, Salad plate, Soup/Cereal bowl, & Ring handled mug.

Cobalt, Persimmon, Sunflower, & Turquoise.

1236 in the ad above.


Betty Crocker SVG 34FW1 pg 3 - Betty Bowl rg (Large)

Betty Bowl

Reintroduced in 2002 and discontinued in 2007, this bowl can also be found in vintage as well.  

This bowl was produced in: White, Black, Cobalt, Rose, Turquoise, Periwinkle, Seamist, Persimmon, Cinnabar, Sunflower, Plum, Shamrock, Tangerine, Scarlet, Peacock, & Heather.


Betty Crocker SVG 34FW1 pg 46 - Amverican Pie Baker rg

American Apple Pie Baker


Betty Crocker Winter 2002 pg 53 - Blue Diner Collection rg (Large)

Cobalt Diner


Betty Crocker SVG 34FW1 pg 47 - Happy Pumpkin rg (Large)

Happy Pumpkin

This is the original Happy Pumpkin, applied to Persimmon Fiesta®.
Later additional pieces were offered.


Betty Crocker Fall 2003 - pg 50 - 16 pc tones settings rg (Large)

16 piece place setting 

As seen in the 2003 catalog, Betty Crocker® sold these 16 piece place settings in 2 different color groupings.

Dark Tone Set: Cinnabar, Plum, Sunflower, & Shamrock.
Bright Tone Set: Persimmon, Sunflower, Juniper, & Turquoise.


Betty Crocker 2003 Back Cover Watermelon rg (Large)


First introduced in 2003, later other pieces were added.


Betty Crocker Fall 2003 - back cover - black cat rg (Large)

Black Cat


Betty Crocker Holiday 2003 - pg 51 - Cobalt Snowflakes rg (Large)

Cobalt Snowflake

First introduced in 2003, later other pieces were offered.


Betty Crocker Fall 2004 pg 54 Citrus 16 pc place setting rgBetty Crocker Fall 2004 pg 54 Pastel 16 pc place setting rg

16 piece place setting 

As seen in the 2004 catalog, Betty Crocker® sold these 16 piece place settings in 4 different color groupings.  Citrus & Pastel were the 2 new groupings offered that year.

Citrus Tone Set: Scarlet, Tangerine, Sunflower, & Shamrock.
Pastel Tone Set: Rose, Seamist, Periwinkle, & White.

See 2003 for the other 2 color grouping.

Click Here to see the ad.


Betty Crocker 2004 - page 57 - Doughboy - Kiwi rg (Large)


Top of the above ad.


Bottom right in above ad.


Betty Crocker 2004 - pg 54 - Just Ducky rg

Just Ducky

Refereed to as “Rubber Ducky” by Hlc, Betty Crocker® chose to refer to this pattern as “Just Ducky.”


Betty Crocker Fall 2004 - pg 59 - Fiesta Collections - Halloween Nights rg (Large)

Coblat Collector’s Plate

CBY2 in the above ad.

Mini Pitchers

First grouping of 4 Mini Disk Pitchers. Sunflower, Cobalt, Persimmon, & Seamist.

Halloween Nights

Bottom of the ad.


Betty Crocker Fall 2004 Pg 55 - Canisters rg (Large)


Introduced in the 2004, these canisters were available in 6 colors when first released in the Betty Crocker® Catalog.

The original 6 colors were: Cobalt, Persimmon, Cinnabar, Sunflower, Plum, & Tangerine.

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Bake Off 10-15-2004 Ad rg (Small)

Pilsbury Bake Off 

Large Disk Pitcher, only 300 made offered in the summer flyer.

Click here to visit the Pilsbury Bake Off page.


Betty Crocker Spring 2005 pg 21 - Fiestacana - Red Diner rg (Large)


Top of above ad.

Scarlet Diner Collection

Bottom of above ad.


Betty Crocker Spring 2005 Back Cover - Egg Tray rg (Large)

Egg Platter


Betty Crocker Holiday 2005 pg 59 - scarlet snowflake - peppermint rg (Large)

Scarlet Snowflake

Top of above ad.

Peppermint Collection

Bottom of above ad.


Betty Crocker Fall 2005 - pg 59 - Lady Bug & Black 20th ann pitcher rg (Large)

Ladybug Collection

Originally this pattern was exclusive to the Betty Crocker® Catalog.  Later, after they closed their doors in 2006, JCPenny’s® sold a 4 piece place setting & the HLC outlet sold all of the pieces.

Scarlet Collector’s Plate

AY in the ad above.

20th Anniversary Black Juice Pitcher

AZ in the ad above.

Mini Pitchers

Second grouping of 4 Mini Disk Pitchers. Scarlet, Plum, Shamrock, & Black.


Betty Crocker Fall 2005 pg 57 - hostess tray ramekin rg (Large)

Hostess Sets

Hostess Set sold through Betty Crocker®, new in 2005, was the tray with a ramekin as the dip bowl.

V4 in the ad above.

Large Bread Tray

6 1/4″ x 13 1/2″
Introduced in 2005 and Discontinued in 2006 +/-
This Large Bread Tray can be found in: White, Black, Cobalt, Turquoise, Periwinkle, Persimmon, Cinnabar, Sunflower, Plum, Shamrock, Tangerine, Scarlet, & Peacock.

Note: This bread tray is larger than the current one sold today.

Number 25 in the ad above.

Betty Crocker Fall 2005 pg 55 - Ex Large Tool Crock rg (Large)

Extra Large Tool Crock

The only retailer to sell the Large Canister Base as a tool crock.

Betty Crocker Fall 2005 pg 57 - 5 pc pasta set rg


5 Piece Pasta Set

This set contained: 1 12″ pasta bowl & 4 rimmed soup bowls.

Set V3 above, -80 pasta bowl & -16 rimmed soup bowl


Betty Crocker Fall 2005 pg 54 - 16 pc Primary tones rg

16 piece place setting 

As seen in the 2005 catalog, Betty Crocker® sold these 16 piece place settings in 5 different color groupings.  Primary Tones was the new grouping offered this year.

See 2004 & 2003 for the other 4 color grouping.


Betty Crocker Fall 2005 - Mixing Bowls Square Baker 5 pc completer set rg (Large)

Square Baker

Introduced in 2005, this was as an exclusive to Betty Crocker® before it was released to general retailers in 2007.

Z3 in the above ad.

Mixed Mixing Bowl set

The 3 piece mixing bowls, offered in 3 different colors.  These mixed sets were offered in 2 different color combinations.

Set 1: Turquoise, Persimmon, & Coblat.

Set 2: Shamrock, Sunflower, & Scarlet.

FN34 in the above ad.



Betty Crocker Early Spring 2006  pg 57 - planters best friends feline groovy rg



GI in above ad.

Best Friends

P5 in above ad.

Feline Groovy

P3 in above ad.


Betty Crocker Late Spring 2006  pg 68 -70th anniversary pitcher - mini pitchers planters rg (Large)

70th Anniversary Pitcher

Large Disk Pitcher

A in above ad.

Rose & Periwinkle Mini Disk Pitcher

Last 2 added to the collection in early 2006 before closeout sales began.


Betty Crocker Early Spring 2006 pg 59 Wild Cherries rg (Large)

Wild Cherry


Betty Crocker Late Spring 2006 pg 69 - Pet pieces rg (Large)



Colors were limited to: White, Rose, Seamist, Periwinkle.

J & H in ad above.

Best Friends

Colors were limited to: Turquoise, Sunflower, Shamrock, & Scarlet.

L, M, & N in ad above.

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