Fiestacana                         Pattern No. 8817

Fiesta® FiestacanaThis pattern was introduced in 2005 as an exclusive to the Betty Crocker™ mail order catalog.  After Betty Crocker™ closed their doors, HLC still had stock that Betty Crocker™ had not taken delivery of.  HLC sold this stock at their retail outlet stores.

It was produced on sunflower Fiesta® in the following shapes, bread tray (0412), carafe (0448), ring handle mug (0453), luncheon plate (0465), dinner plate (0466), chop plate (0467), 1 quart serving bowl (0471), large disk pitcher (0484), 15″ pizza tray (0505), royalty vase (0565), monarch vase (0566).

Fiesta® Fiestacana Plates

In the Betty Crocker™ 2005 Holiday catalog ad (page 58 below) it states, “This artistic design is an updated interpretation of a rare 1930’s collection from Homer Laughlin™”.

Betty Crocker™ Holiday 2005 Page 58

Below is a photo by Candy Fagerlin showcasing the 1930’s HLC design “Mexicana”.  Check out her blog post “The Little Round Table” to see more pictures of this beautiful design.

Candy Fagerlin - Mexicana

Thank you to Candy Fagerlin & Tina Gump for the use of their photos.



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