Snowflake – Scarlet

Scarlet Snowflake – Pattern No. still researching

Fiesta® Scarlet Snowflake

Introduced in 2005, on scarlet Fiesta®, this pattern was exclusive to the Betty Crocker Catalog. Betty Crocker closed their mail order catalog in 2006 and at that time the design was discontinued.

HLC produced Scarlet Snowflakes on the following pieces:

Betty Crocker Bowl (0567), Bread Tray (0412), Pedestal Bowl (0765), Gusto bowl (0723), Oval vegetable bowl (0409), Ramekin (0568), Round platter aka Chop plate (0467), Dinner plate (0466), Luncheon plate (0465), Medium bowl (0461), & Mug (0453)

Betty Crocker sold this set as a 4 piece set.  It consisted of a dinner plate, luncheon plate, medium bowl, & a mug.

Fiesta® Scarlet Snowflake Oval Bowl

The Oval vegetable bowl (pictured above) was offered for sale, but never pictured in a Betty Crocker Catalog.

Thank you to Susan Halsey for the use of her photo.











Scarlet Snowflake – Betty Crocker

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