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Fiesta® Watercolor Series
This pattern was introduced between late 2000 and early 2001.  It was produced on white Fiesta® & was an exclusive to Bloomingdale’s.  The series consisted of 4 luncheon plates (0465), the ring handle mug (0453) & the round serving tray (0468), each with their own design.

The serving tray & mug’s decal was a combination of each of the four luncheon plate’s designs showcasing, grapes, olives, persimmons & artichokes (a/k/a as the garden).

Some collectors call the olives – plums.  All pieces have cobalt on the rim.

Below is the back stamp for this series.  Notice the date code of OOC.
OO represents the year (2000) & the C represents which quarter of the year (third quarter).

Fiesta® Watercolor backstamp

HLC designed another version of the serving tray however, Bloomingdale’s decided to go with the decoration in the center of the tray instead of this version.

Fiesta® Watercolor Serving Tray PrototypeAdditional designs were considered for this series but where never put into production, as shown below.

Fiesta® Watercolors luncheon prototype Fiesta® Watercolors luncheon prototypeFiesta® Watercolors H sticker

Another version of this series was presented to another retailer as an exclusive.  It was going to be called “Seasons of Fiesta® 2000” showcasing floral designs.  It was sampled on ring handle mugs (0453), luncheon plates (0465) & round serving trays (0468).  It looks like this pattern was sampled using different colors around the rim of the pieces as shown in the below pictures.  None of these sampled pieces were put into production.

Orange rimmed luncheons.

Seasons of Fiesta® - Sample Plates

Juniper rimmed pieces.

Juniper Seasons Group rg

Plum rimmed pieces
Seasons of Fiesta Luncheon Blue    Seasons of Fiesta®  Mug

Seasons of Fiesta® serving tray      Seasons of Fiesta® backstamp

Seasons of Fiesta® h sticker

Thank you to Cindy Hawthorne, Robin Moore, Denyse Wentland & Ken Clardy for the use of their photos.









Fiesta® Watercolors






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