Fiesta® Snowmen

Fiesta® Snowmen – Pattern No. 5864


This pattern was introduced in 2007 and exclusive to the Bon-Ton group (Bon-Ton, Boston Store, Carsons, Elder-Beerman, Bergner’s, Younkers & Herberger’s).  It is officially called Fiesta® Snowmen.  This pattern features a trio of snowmen in a repeating pattern along the edge.


The first items available for purchase in 2007 were: Ring Handled Mug (0453), Luncheon Plate (0465), and a Gusto Bowl (0723).  Art work was approved for a 2007 ornament (0761) it was also listed in the original pieces to be offered that year, but was not.  We can only assume that the retailer chose not to order that piece the first year. 

The colors used on the 2007 prototype were: heather, evergreen, and peacock (see above).

bon-ton-snowman-12-rg bon-ton-snowman-7-rg bon-ton-snowman-13-rg

The following year, 2008, the:  Jumbo Cup (0149), Oval Serving Bowl (0745), and a 2008 dated ornament were added.

bon-ton-snowman-9-rg  bon-ton-snowman-2-rg bon-ton-snowman-8-rg

Finally in 2009 the: Bread Tray (0412), Hostess Bowl (0431), and a 2009 dated ornament (0761) were added to the offerings.

Colors used in their bows, hats and scarves are: sunflower, tangerine, peacock, heather, scarlet, and evergreen.


^Above is an oddity.  It is missing the peacock color.  It was purchased as a first from the retailer.  Unknown if other pieces exist like this. 


^Above are some test pieces that were found. Unknown if other pieces exist like this.

bon-ton-snowman-19-rg Creamy likes to help set the tables.

Page written by: Dana Heath-Thomas

Thank  you to Denyse Wetland & Karen Walker Misier for the use of their picture(s).












Fiesta® Snowmen

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