Peppermint – Bon-Ton

Bon-Ton Peppermint – Red & White – Pattern No. 5453

Fiesta®  BonTon Peppermint - Table setting

This pattern was introduced in 2006 and exclusive to the Bon-Ton group (Bon-Ton, Boston Store, Carsons, Elder-Beerman, Bergner’s, Younkers & Herberger’s).  It is officially called Peppermint, but since Betty Crocker has a different pattern also officially called Peppermint we will distinguish them by referring to them as Bon-ton Peppermint & Betty Crocker Peppermint (BC Peppermint).

It can be found in the following shapes:  Luncheon plate (#0465), Ring handled mug (#0453), Pizza tray 12″ (#0575), Oval veggie bowl (#0745), Stacking cereal bowl (#0472), Gusto bowl (#0723), & Ornament (#0761).

This peppermint is red and white only, unlike the Betty Crocker peppermint. Click here to see the difference.

Fiesta® BonTon Peppermint - Table setting  Fiesta® BonTon Peppermint - Small Oval Bowl

Fiesta® 2007 Peppermint  Peppermint BonTon Sticker



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