Happy Face / Smiley

Happy Face a/k/a Smiley Face – Pattern No. 8733 

Fiesta® Smiley Luncheon Plate

This pattern was introduced in 2003 on sunflower Fiesta®.  It was an exclusive to the SAKS department store group (Saks, Proffitt’s, McRae’s, and Parisian as well as Elder-Beerman, Carson’s, Pirie Scott, Bergner’s, Younker’s, and Herberger’s).

In 2006 Bon-Ton acquired part of the SAKS group. The Bon-Ton group (Bon-Ton, Boston Store, Carsons, Elder-beerman, Bergner’s, Younkers & Herberger’s) acquired the exclusive to the pattern as well.

Bon-Ton sells this design under the name Smiley on their websites,  yet the sales sticker on the plate says Happy Face.  (see below photo)

It can be found on the following pieces:  luncheon plate (0465)

Fiesta® Smiley Happy Face Sticker


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