Fiesta® Icons

Fiesta® Icons    –    Pattern No.  5050

Fiesta® Icons Group

This pattern was introduced in 2003 as an exclusive to Dinnerware Depot.  We aren’t sure exactly when Dinnerware Depot stopped having HLC produce this line, however it was around for many years on their different websites.

This pattern was applied to white Fiesta® in the following pieces:  Bread tray (0412), Spoon rest (0439), Tumbler (0446), Utensil crock (0447), Bouillon (0450), Ring handle mug (0453), Salad plate (0464), Dinner plate (0466), Chop plate (0467), Small disk pitcher (0485), Royalty vase (0565).

The colors in this decal are, plum, sunflower, black, cinnabar & shamrock.

Below is a picture of a dinner plate to show a close up of the actual design.

Fiesta® Icons Plate
Thank you to Cheryl Bishop for the use of her photo.

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