Orange Cat Face

Orange Cat Face                  Pattern No. 5217(?)

Fiesta® Orange Cat Face Luncheon Fiesta® Orange Cat Face Mug

Introduced in 2003 as an exclusive to website.  It was produced on black Fiesta® with a persimmon colored cat face.  We believe it was produced for a very short period of time.

It can be found on the following pieces, luncheon plate (0465) & ring handle mug (0453).

Fiestawarefiesta’s web site was actually owned & operated by Dinnerware Depot, Inc.  So some of you who own this design may have bought it from any of their numerous websites.

You will hear collectors refer to this design as the “football” eyed black cat.

Collectors get the Betty Crocker™ Black Cat (left) & Orange Cat Face (right) mixed up.  In the below picture are the two side by side.

Fiesta® Black Cat Comparisons

Thank you to Cheryl Bishop & LaVerna Hartman for the use of their photos.







Orange Cat Face


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