Fiesta® St. Patrick’s

Fiesta® St. Patrick’s – Pattern No. 41371

Fiesta st patricks rg

Introduced in late January/early February 2016.  It is a general release and not exclusive to any particular store.

This pattern is applied to white Fiesta® and can be found in the following shapes: Luncheon plate (#0465) and Java mug (#0570).

Fiesta st patricks close up rg

This decal is like the Fiesta® Valentine luncheon plate.  Colors used in this decal are: Dark Green, a silvery textured light green, and green for the vines that is not quite sage or shamrock.

Fiesta st patricks oops close up rg j

In September of 2016 the HLC outlet had some OOPS St. Patrick’s Day decals in the seconds room.  Due to a firing process error the silvery textured light green turned into a shade of gold.  These OOPS decals were limited to the one run. They can be found on both Luncheon plate (#0465) and Java mug (#0570).  Back stamp is DDDB.

Updated: 3/5/2017

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