Fiesta® Valentine

Fiesta® Valentine Pattern No. 41372 (mug & plate) & 41373 (heart bowl)

Fiesta Valentine grouping rg

This pattern was introduced in January of 2016.  It is a general release, and not exclusive to any particular store. There are two pattern numbers in this family.  This is because the plate and the mug have a textured feel to some of the hearts like the Halloween decals: Moon Lit Witch on Black or Haunted House on Plum.  The decal on the heart bowl has a completely smooth feel. This is the first time a decal has been applied to a medium heart bowl that we know of.

This pattern is applied to white Fiesta® and can be found in the following shapes: Luncheon plate (0465), Java Mug (0570), & Medium Heart Bowl (1445)

Colors used in this decal are: Scarlet, and 2 shades of pink.  The pink tones are closer to Rose than Flamingo.

Fiesta Valentine Heart Sticker rg


Thank you to Karen Walker Misier for the use of her photos.

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