Happy Pumpkin Tangerine

Happy Pumpkin – Tangerine        Pattern No. 5964

Fiesta® Happy Pumpkin - TangerineIntroduced in 2008, on Tangerine Fiesta®, it is a general release and not exclusive to any particular store.

It was applied to the following shapes: Deep Dish Pie Baker (0487), Luncheon Plate (0465), Chop Plate (0467), Appetizer Plate (1461), Tumbler (0446), Gusto Bowl (0723), Salt & Pepper shakers (0497), Jumbo Cup (0149), & 15″ Baking tray (0505).

The Deep Dish Pie Baker (0487) may have been an HLC exclusive.  We are still researching this.

If you take the Gusto bowl and sit in on a Millennium I Vase you can create your own pumpkin person.  Dana created the one below.

Fiesta® Happy Pumpkin - Tangerine












Fiesta® Happy Pumpkin Tangerine

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