Fiesta® Rainbow Signature Plate

Fiesta® Rainbow Signature Plate     –    Pattern No. 5741

Fiesta® Signature Plate

This pattern was introduced sometime between 2006-2007.  It is a general release & not exclusive to any particular store.

This pattern is applied to white Fiesta® and is found on the following piece, Chop plate (0467)

Colors in this decal are, Scarlet, tangerine, sunflower, shamrock & peacock.

This pattern actually has three different versions that we have been able to document.  The first design which we feel is the first issue did not have “Lead Free” printed on the front of the plate.  (above picture)

Fiesta® Signature Plate Version IIThe second version added the wording “Lead Free”.   (above picture)
Signature Plate in French CU rgThe third version is actually worded in French.  (above picture)  The French version was made in 2009 for Hudson’s Bay stores for the Quebec, Canada market.

Thank you to Denyse Wentland for the use of her photos.


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