Aegean      Pattern No. 0122

Fiesta® Aegean

This pattern is one that HLC offers their general customers.  It is not exclusive to any specific company.  It has been in production since as early as 1988 or earlier.   It is still available, so you may find it on the secondary market. Below you can see a flier from Table Top Direct advertising Aegean & Cranberry.

Colors in this decal are a dark green.

It is produced on white Fiesta® and found on the following shapes: Bouillon (0450), 9″ Rim Soup (0451), Cup (0452), Ring handle mug (0453), Small oval platter (0456), Medium oval platter (0457), Large oval platter (0458), Fruit bowl (0459), Small bowl (0460), Medium bowl (0461), 12″ Pasta bowl (0462), Bread & butter plate (0463), Salad plate (0464), Luncheon plate (0465), Dinner plate (0466), Chop plate (0467), Saucer (0470), Stacking cereal bowl (0472), Stick handled AD & saucer (0476).

NOTE: A Cranberry (0123) plate is shown in the back ground of this picture.

Thank you to Denyse Wentland for the use of her photo.

1998 Table Top Direct Advertising Flier – (top right hand photo)
Table Top Direct Fiesta® Flier 1998 Page 4

Known date code GG

Revised – changed date produced from 1992 to 1988 – we located an earlier HLC brochure showcasing Aegean dated 1988.


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