Candy Corn

Candy Corn      Pattern No. 5214

Fiesta® Candy Corn

This pattern was introduced in 2003 & is an exclusive to HLC.  It went out of production for a period of time around 2009.  It was brought back into production in 2012 with only the luncheon plate & ring handle mug.  Other pieces were phased in over the next few years.

It is applied to white Fiesta® on the following pieces, gusto bowl (0723), 2 quart serving bowl (0455), mini pitcher (0475), ring handle mug (0453), java mug (0570), 15″ pizza tray (0505), luncheon plate (0465), round salt & pepper (0497).

Note:  Not shown in the above photo are the 2 quart large serving bowl, the gusto bowl & java mug.

Thank you to Jesus Tracy Moctezuma for the use of his photo.








Fiesta® Candy Corn

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