Fireworks – Pattern No. 8596

Fiesta® Fireworks Dinner Plate Cup Saucer Bud Vase

This pattern was introduced in 2002, and exclusive to the HLC outlet, it was discontinued in 2007.  It was applied to white Fiesta®.

It can be found in the following shapes: Bread Tray (0412), Teacup (0452), Dinner Plate (0466), Round Serving Tray (0468)*, Bud Vase (0490), Deep Dish Pie Baker (0487), Ring Handled Mug (0453), & 2 Cup Teapot (0764).
Note:  The saucer is not decorated.

Fiesta® Fireworks Bread Tray Bud Vase

Fiesta® Fireworks pie baker

Fiesta® Fireworks 2 cup teapot

Fiesta® Fireworks Mug

* Photo not available. – The round serving tray was discontinued in 2001. However some trays were produced in this pattern in very limited quantities from existing white tray stock when this pattern was introduced.

Colors in the decal are: Cobalt & Red.

Thank you to Alex, Silva, Jennifer Flory & Karen Walker-Misier for the use of their photos.










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