Rubber Ducky

Rubber Ducky / Just Ducky                     Pattern No. 5028

Fiesta® Rubber DuckyThis pattern was introduced in 2002 as an exclusive to HLC’s retail outlets.  It was produced on white Fiesta® through 2008 – 2009.

It can be found on the following pieces:  tumbler (0446), small cereal bowl (0460), luncheon plate (0465), mini pitcher (0475), gusto bowl (0723), A.D. cup & saucer (0807).

Fruit bowls (0459) are known to exist.

Fiesta® Rubber Ducky Fruit Bowl

In late 2004 – Betty Crocker’s™ mail order catalog offered this pattern as an exclusive in a 3 piece set (0843) which included the tumbler, small bowl & luncheon plate.  They called the set “Just Ducky”.  When Betty Crocker™ closed down their mail order catalog in 2006, HLC started selling this set through their retail outlets under their name of Rubber Ducky.

Just Ducky - Betty Crocker™ Summer 2004 Page 54

Colors used in this design are cobalt, sunflower, orange.

Thank you to Ruthann Rooth for the use of her photo.














Fiesta® Rubber Ducky






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