Scarecrow                                  Pattern No. 5208

Fiesta® ScarecrowThis pattern was introduced in 2003 & sold through The Tamarack store, HLC retail outlet store & website.  It was discontinued somewhere around 2009.

It was produced on sunflower Fiesta® in the following pieces:  Ring handle mug (0453), Luncheon plate (0645), Mini pitcher (0475) & Gusto bowl (0723).

Colors in this pattern are tan, black, orange, red.

Some collectors refer to this pattern as the “Happy Scarecrow”.

Fiesta® Scarecrow MugThe top main photograph is the display showcasing this pattern at HLC’s retail outlet store in 2004.

Collectors get the HLC Scarecrow (right) & Everything Fiesta® Scarecrow (left) mixed up.  In the below picture are the two side by side.

Fiesta® Scarecrow Comparisons

Thank you to Cheryl Bishop for the use of her picture.















Fiesta® Scarecrow












































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