Shamrocks – Pattern No. 8583

Fiesta Shamrocks HLC rg

shamrock-decal rg

This pattern was introduced in 2001 and was sold exclusively though the HLC outlet. It was discontinued in 2005.

This pattern was applied to Seamist Fiesta® and can be found on the following pieces:  Dinner Plate (0466), Bread Tray (0412), Bud Vase (0490), Deep Dish Pie Baker (0487), Ring Handled Mug (0453), Tea Cup/Saucer Set (0452 & 0470), 2 Cup Teapot (0764), & Serving Tray (0468).

The Round Serving Tray (0468) was only made for the first year, as it was discontinued in 2001.

Thank you to Karen Walker Misier & Becky Turner for the use of their photos.

You can see how Becky liked to use her Shamrock’s on her blog by clicking here.









Fiesta® Shamrocks

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