Some Bunny’s

Some Bunny’s           Pattern No. 8363

Fiesta® Some Bunny Cup Set

Some Bunny’s was HLC’s first venture into Child’s sets.  Originally they thought about using a coffee cup with the set, but decided it would be too difficult for a young child to hold, and replaced it with a tumbler.  Later a cup was added to the set.

This child’s set was sold in two different piece combinations.  Notice the difference in the box for each set.

Betty Crocker 2000 - Some Bunny Ad  Fiesta® Some Bunny's Box

Exclusive to the Betty Crocker™ catalog, this set (pictured above)  Fiesta® Some Bunny’s first appeared in 2000. It came with: Luncheon (0465), Small bowl (0460), and a Cup(0452). It appears that they stopped selling it near the end of 2004 as it was not in 2005 catalogs.

Fiesta® Some Bunny Tumbler Set

This set: Luncheon (0465), Small bowl (0460), and a Tumbler (0446) was sold as a General Release and also first appeared in 2000.  It has art on the box it was sold in.

Some Bunny's Box Tumbler Side

Both sets read the same.
The plate reads: “Some Bunny’s been eating out of My Fiesta®.”

Fiesta® Some Bunny's Plate

The bowl reads: “Some Bunny’s been eating out of my bowl.”

Fiesta® Some Bunny's Bowl

The tumbler & cup read: “Some Bunny’s been drinking out of my cup.”

Fiesta® Some Bunny's Tumbler   Fiesta® Some Bunny's  Cup














Fiesta® Some Bunny’s

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