Tis the Season

Tis the Season     –      Pattern No. 8488

Fiesta® Tis The Season

This pattern was introduced we believe about 2000 on clear glazed Fiesta®.  It was an exclusive to HLC & sold as a 2 piece set (Item No. 806-8488).  We believe it was produced up through about 2008 – 2009 when HLC decided to stop producing children’s sets due to newly enacted federal regulations.

Tis the Season was produced on clear glazed Fiesta® pieces.  The below photo shows an ivory & white Fiesta® piece along side the clear glazed decorated mug.  Fiesta® Tis The Season Comparison

You can also see how well this pattern stands out on the clear glazed luncheon plate in the below picture.  It makes it look more vintage / older looking.

Fiesta® Tis The Season Close Up


This pattern was applied to the following shapes:  Luncheon plate (0465) & Ring handle mug (0453).

Colors in this decal are oranges, cobalt, green shades, yellow shades, brown shades, gray shades

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