Trio of Hearts

Trio of Hearts – Pattern No. 8531

Fiesta Trio of Hearts Grouping

Fiesta Trio of Hearts Pie Plate

This pattern was introduced for Valentine’s Day 2001 and was sold exclusively by the HLC outlet. It is no longer in production. For a brief time HLC advertised this pattern as Triple Hearts.  In 2002 the HLC website listed this pattern as Triple Hearts and it can also be seen in the scan below of a portion of their order form.

Triple Hearts - HLC Flier Center Section-1

This decal is applied to Cinnabar Fiesta® and can be found in the following pieces: Dinner Plate (0466), Bread Tray (0412), Bud Vase (0490), Deep Dish Pie Baker (0487), Ring Handled Mug (0453), Tea Cup/Saucer Set (0452 & 0470), 2 Cup Teapot (0764), & Serving Tray (0468).

The decal is non-metallic silver and has a textured feel to it.


Thank you to Karen Walker Misier for the use of her photo.


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