Watermelon on Scarlet       Pattern No. 5809

Fiesta® Scarlet Watermelon Luncheon

A lot of people seem to get this pattern confused on where it was sold.

In 2007, JC Penney wanted some decorated Fiesta® for their stores.  This pattern is one of the designs that was similar to the Betty Crocker watermelon pattern that was produced on Fiesta® pieces glazed in Rose.  So people think the scarlet watermelon items were a Betty Crocker item, when in fact they were JC Penney’s. HLC’s retail outlet store also sold this design.

It can be found in the following shapes:  Luncheon (0465) Large Oval Platter (0458)

Click here to see the Betty Crocker watermelon.

Thank you to Josh Copeland for photographing his large oval platter.

Fiesta® Scarlet Watermelon Platter


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