Crazy Over Fiesta®

The first design of the Crazy Over Fiesta® was released in 2002 on plum Fiesta® ring handle mug (0453) & mini pitcher (0475).  It started off with the below design when Just Dishes Dinnerware’s name was actually Plum Fiesta.  You can see the website address on the two pieces.  

I’m Plum Crazy Over Fiesta – Pattern No. 5059
Fiesta® Plum Crazy

In 2003 two ornaments (0761) were commissioned to be added to this decorated line.

The first ornament done on plum Fiesta® was designed just like the mini pitcher & mug produced the year before. (see below pictures)

Plum Crazy Promo rg Plum Crazy Promo Back

However when the owners of Just Dishes saw the sample of the 2nd ornament they were going to release in 2003 that was going to be on shamrock …. (see below picture)

2003 Shamrock Crazy Over Fiesta®   Pattern No. 5224

they asked HLC if the plum design could be changed to include “Genuine Fiesta®” instead of just “Fiesta®”.   (see below pictures)

2003 Plum Crazy Over Fiesta®  Pattern No. 5225
Plum Crazy Promo Back final

In 2005 the Crazy over Fiesta® design expanded one more time on a scarlet Fiesta® ornament.  (see below picture)

2005 Scarlet Crazy Over Fiesta®   Pattern No. 5602

Even though the ornaments were produced at HLC, the ornaments do no have the HLC back stamp on any of the above designs.

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