Tangerine & Sunflower Floral -Pattern No. 5597-8

Fiesta® Floral

The Floral patterns were exclusive to Marshall Fields and approximately released in November of 2005.  Marshall Field’s was acquired by Macy’s Inc. on August 30, 2005 but did not change names until Fall of 2006.  Therefore we believe that Macy’s never reordered the pattern.

Marshall Fields Floral Ad

This pattern was applied to Tangerine (5597) & Sunflower (5598) Fiesta® and can be found on the following shapes in both colors: Luncheon (0465), Java mug (0570), Bread tray (0412), & Chowder bowl (0576).

Fiesta® Floral Java Mug Sunflower

Colors in this decal are: shamrock, white, red, orange, & black.

Fiesta® Floral Java Mug Tangerine

Colors used in this decal are: shamrock, white, red, yellow, & black.


Thank you to Karen Walker Misier for the use of her photo.











Fiesta® Floral




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