Snowflake Collection

Snowflake Collection – Pattern No. 41054

Fiesta Snowflake Lapis Set rg j

Introduced in 2014 and exclusive to Macy’s.  This decal is applied to Lapis Fiesta®.

It can be found on the following shapes: Luncheon plate (0465), Java Mug (0570), & Salad plate (0464)

Originally it only came in a Luncheon plate (0465) and a Java Mug (0570).
In 2015 they added a Salad plate (0464) to their offering.

Fiesta Snowflake Lapis Salad Plate rgFiesta Snowflake Lapis Mug rg j

Notice how the pattern is different on this piece.  There are no gold dots on the salad plate, only the silver color.

Colors on this decal are: Silver & Gold.  It is a non-metallic decal, but has a textured feel to it.

Fiesta Snowflake Lapis Tablescape rg j

Thank you to Amber Miles for the use of her picture.

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