Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse              Pattern No.  researching

Fiesta® Mickey Mouse
November of 1994, 2,088 white Fiesta® large disk pitchers showcasing Mickey Mouse were shipped to the Disney Channel.

The Disney Channel gave these away as a sales incentive to commemorate Disney Channel’s 10th anniversary to employees of cable companies that sold their channel. For each Disney Channel that the employee sold, they received a token which could be used towards picking an item from their prize catalog.

One side showcases Mickey facing right & does not have the Disney copyright on the decal. (shown on large pitcher)  The reverse side has Mickey facing left & shows the Disney copyright. (shown on mug)

A ring handle mug on white Fiesta® with this same design has also been found.  We consider this item as not officially produced.

There is also a white Fiesta® large teapot in a private collection that has the Mickey Mouse facing left, (like the above mug) however it does not have the Mickey Mouse wording going around it like the other pieces.  We are not sure if it has the Disney copyright notice on the teapot.  From the photos we have seen of the teapot, we did not see any copyright markings.  As we have not seen both sides of the teapot, we are not sure if the copyright is noted on the reverse side.  We consider this item as not officially produced as well.

Colors used in this decal are: black, red & yellow.

Thank you to Denyse Wentland for the  use of her photo.





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