70th Anniversary

Fiesta® 70th Anniversary Dancing Lady       Pattern No. 5548

Fiesta® 70th Anniversary Pizza Tray - Spiegel

This design was produced in late 2005 to 2006 on a clear glaze Fiesta® 12″ pizza tray (0575) for the mail order catalog Spiegel.   You could also purchase a set of 4 luncheon plates (0465) that were boxed as a set & marked on the back, “70th Anniversary, Made Expressly for Spiegel”.  (see below picture) The front of the luncheons were not decorated.   We are still researching on whether the luncheons were clear glazed or glazed in white.

70th Anniversary luncheon back stamp
HLC sometimes boxes pieces for their retailers in packaging that is ready to ship directly to their retailers customer.   This is an example of such packaging that HLC did for Spiegel with the pizza tray.
Fiesta® Spiegel Pizza 70th Anniversary boxed
Colors used in this design are, peacock, scarlet, tangerine, shamrock, plum, sunflower & black.

Below is a picture showing the the clear glazed tray against white & ivory glazed Fiesta® pieces.
Fiesta® Spiegel Pizza 70th Anniversary glaze

Thank you to the family of Candy Fagerlin for the use of her photo.  You can view her blog post showcasing her photo at the top of this page by clicking here.


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