Snowman Family

Snowman Family   –  Pattern No. 8797

Fiesta® Snowman Family   Fiesta® Snowman Family tumbler

This pattern was introduced in 2004 at the same time as Snowman Face, and were both Tamarack exclusives.  In 2007 an ad showing Snowman Family for sale at HLC made many of us think it was an outlet exclusive, however it was not.  As HLC does not keep records of when a pattern is “discontinued” by a retailer we can only assume that Tamarack chose to stop ordering this pattern and HLC sold off the rest of the stock, approximately 2009 we believe.

This pattern is applied on white Fiesta® and can be found on the following pieces:  Tumbler (0446), Ring handle mug (0453), Luncheon plate (0465) & Gusto bowl (0723).

Colors in this decal are Scarlet, Black & a dark green shade.

Don’t get this snowman design confused with Bon-Ton’s Fiesta® Snowman pattern. Note the HLC pattern has a dark green rim around the edge of the pieces unlike the Bon-Ton’s pattern.  (Bon-Ton’s pattern shown below)

Fiesta® BonTon Snowmen Gusto

Thank you to Karen Walker Misier for the use of her photo.





Known date code SSA   2004
updated with additional information 10-5-2016

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