Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

Most Commonly Asked questions:

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Q: Is Fiesta® Lead free or safe to use?
A: Yes!  All Fiesta® from 1986 (P-86) on is Lead free.

Q: But my back stamp does not have sy “lead-free”.
A: Very early post 86 Fiesta® pieces have the old vintage ink stamp style back stamp. (see below photo) Lead-free is not noted.  Some pieces do not have an ink stamp, just an embossed or incised mark.  Check out the back stamp section for more information.
Early Post 86 Fiesta® back stamp


Q: Is Fiesta® dinnerware made in the USA?
A: Yes! It is made in Newell, West Virginia.


Q: How do I care for my dinnerware?
A: It is dishwasher safe.  You may hand wash or place in the dishwasher.  Never use an abrasive to clean your bakeware surface.   Dark colored glazes show scratches more easily.


Q: How do I stop my dishes from scratching things?
A: From time to time there will be a rough spot on the bottom of your dishes.  Simply rub two of the same size pieces together (bottoms touching) so the un-glazed bottoms will sand each other.  If this does not work try a nail file or sand paper to smooth any remaining rough spots off.


Q: Can I bake in my Fiesta®?  And to what temperature is it safe?
A: All Fiesta® is oven safe.  Bakeware is good up to 500 degrees & dinnerware is safe up to 350 degrees. HLC does not recommend placing your dinnerware above or directly under direct flames.


Q: Can I take my Fiesta® from the freezer directly to the oven?
A:  Yes.  (see above)  But remember from cold to hot is safe.  From hot to cold is NOT!


Q: I put my Scarlet baker in the oven and it came out Maroon.  Will it change back?
A: Some times your ware will change color when hot.  Do not fear, when it cools it will return to its original color.


Q: How do I get the utensil marks off of my dinnerware?
A: Cleaners such as: Bar Keeper’s Friend, Wright’s Copper Cream, Wenol polish, Mother’s chrome polish, & Simichrome.


Q: Do my dishes have a warranty?
A: Yes!  If you have chipping or breakage (like your pizza tray splits while baking your cookies or pizza) contact HLC at:

The Homer Laughlin China Company
Attn: Quality Assurance Department
672 Fiesta Drive
Newell, WV 26050-1077


Q: Should I keep the box my Fiesta® comes in?
A:  If you are collecting Fiesta® & think you might resell it sometime in the future, the item holds more value with the original box. If you are collecting it for daily use it comes down to a personal preference. The main question to ask yourself is, do you have the space to store the boxes.

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