Comparison – Cups – Mugs – Saucers

This page shows comparison information on most of the cups, mugs & saucers in the Post 86 & vintage styles.

Some photos are self explanatory.  You can click on any photo to view a larger version of that specific photo.


Post 86 Stick Handled AD vs Vintage
You can see in the below picture how the vintage has a raised foot.
P86 – 2-1/4″ diameter w/o handle x 2-1/2″ height
V – 2-9/16″ diameter w/o handle x 2-1/2″ height

Fiesta® Stick Handle AD Cups Comparison

Post 86 Cup vs Ironstone vs Vintage
Notice the raised foot on the vintage cup.
P86 – 3-1/2″ diameter w/o handle x 2-3/4″ height
V – 3-3/8″ diameter w/o handle x 2-13/16″ height
I – 3-7/16 diameter w/o handle x 2-3/4″ height

Fiesta® Cup ComparisonFiesta® Cup Comparison Base

Vintage Flat bottom vs Round
A little FYI about vintage cups.  There are actually 3 different versions.
Version 1 has rings inside the cup & a flat bottom on the inside of the cup about the size of a quarter.
Version 2 has rings inside the cup & a hand-turned foot.
Version 3  has no rings inside the cup. (see below photo)
Fiesta® Cup Comparison - Vintage


Post 86 Cappuccino vs Pedestal vs Latte vs Tapered
Fiesta® Cappuccino, Latte Pedestal Tapered Mugs
Post 86 Latte – Original Style Latte vs redesigned version
Fiesta® Cappuccino Mug Comparison

Post 86 – Ring Handle vs Java vs Square vs Tapered
Fiesta® Mug Comparison

Post 86 vs Vintage vs Ironstone Mugs
The vintage & ironstone mugs do not have the concentric rings at the rim of the mug like the post 86 ones do. The post 86 mugs have the incised back stamp as well.
P86 – 4-3/4″ w/handle x 3-1/2″ height
V – 4-3/8″ w/handle x 3-1/8″ height
I – 4-1/2″ w/handle x 2-7/8″ height  (3-1/4″ diameter w/o handle)
Fiesta® Mug ComparisonFiesta® Mug Comparison Bases

Post 86 Saucers
Jumbo –  Cup Saucer – AD Saucer
Fiesta® Saucers Comparisons

Post 86 vs Vintage Saucers
Like so many of the other vintage pieces, the saucers will have a wet (glazed) foot & sagger marks. There are multiple style vintage saucers. Three versions are shown in the below photo. 
P86 – 5-7/8″ diam
V – 6-1/16″ diam
Fiesta® Saucer Comparison

Post 86 – Bath & Tumblers vs Vintage Water & Juice Tumblers
You will notice that the vintage tumblers are much lighter & thinner walled than the post 86 tumblers.
P86 – Tumbler – 3-3/4″ height x 2-7/8″ diameter
P86 – Bath Tumbler – 4-3/8″ height x 3-1/2″ diameter (top) 2-1/8″ diameter (base)
V – Juice Tumbler – 3-1/2″ height x 2-1/2″ diameter
V – Water Tumbler – 4-1/2″ height x 3-3/8″ diameter (top) 2-5/16″ diameter (base)
Fiesta® Tumbler Comparison Fiesta® Tumbler Comparison Bases

FYI – Vintage

Vintage Egg Cup
Measures 3-3/8″ diam x 3-1/8″ height

Fiesta® Egg Cup
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Vintage American Pottery


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