Comparison – Plates – Platters – Trays

This page shows comparison information on most of the plates, platters & trays in the Post 86 & vintage styles.

Some photos are self explanatory.  You can click on any photo to view a larger version of that specific photo.


Bread Butter Plates – Post 86 vs Vintage
P86 – 6-1/8″ diameter
V – 6-5/16″ diameter
Fiesta® Bread Butter Plate Comparison

Salad Plates – Post 86 vs Vintage
P86 – 7-1/4″ diameter
V – 7-7/16″ diameter
Fiesta® Salad Plate Comparison

Luncheon Plates – Post 86 vs Vintage
P86 – 9″ diameter
V – 9-7/16″ diameter
Fiesta® Luncheon Comparison

Dinner Plates – Post 86 vs Vintage
P86 – 10-1/2″ diameter
V – 10-7/16″ diameter
Fiesta® Dinner Plate Comparison

Chop Plates – Post 86 vs Vintage
There are 2 different size chop plates in the vintage line.  13″ & 15″.
P86 – 11-3/4″ diameter
V – 13″ – 12-3/8″ diameter – note the 13″ does not have a back stamp.
V – 15′ – 14-1/4″ diameter
Fiesta® Chop Plate Comparison

On all the plate variations above, (bread butter to chop) you will find
that the vintage plates will not always be marked, they will have a wet foot (glazed) & will have at least 3 sagger marks.  On the post 86 plates, you will find different back stamps & some of the ink stamps will not say “lead free”.  However, all post 86 Fiesta® is lead free even if not marked accordingly.

Post 86 Luncheon vs Post 86 Buffet Plate
Fiesta® Luncheon Buffet Plate Comparison


Large Platter Post 86 vs Vintage
The vintage oval platter will have a wet foot.
P86 – 13-5/8″ length
V – 12-5/8″ length
Fiesta® Large Platter Comparison Back View

Small Platter – Post 86 vs Ironstone
Notice how the flat surface of the platter changed over time.
P86 – 9-5/8″ length 
Ironstone – 9-1/8″ length x 1-18″ height
Fiesta® Small Platter Comparison


Relish Trays

Post 86 Relish Tray vs Vintage
The vintage relish actually sits inside a tray. The post 86 set is made to set on a 12″ pizza tray.
V – tray 10-7/8″ diameter x 1-1/2″ height
Fiesta® Relish Tray Comparison

Post 86 Relish Tray Insert vs Vintage InsertFiesta® Relish Tray Insert Comparison Fiesta® Relish Tray Insert Back Comparison

Utility Tray

Post 86 vs Vintage
P86 – 9-1/2″ long x 1″ height x 3-5/8″ wide
V – 10-7/16″ long x 1-3/16″ height 
Utility Trays Front View Compairson - Photo Courtesy of Kathy HolleyUtility Trays Back View Compairson - Photo Courtesy of  Kathy Holley

(note – Kathy Holley has a wonderful Facebook page and post great snip-its about vintage Fiesta®)
Vintage Fiestaware

FYI – Vintage

Vintage Cake Plate
This plate unlike the other plates is virtually flat.
V – 10-3/8″ diam x 5/8″ thick
Fiesta® Cake Plate

Vintage Compartment Plates
These actually came in 2 different sizes.
V – 10-1/2″ – 10-7/16″ diam
V – 12″ – 11-3/4″ diam
Fiesta® Compartment Plate
Visit Heidi’s website for some great vintage information & products.
Vintage American Pottery


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