Comparison – Vases – Candleholders

This page shows comparison information on most of the vases & candleholders in the Post 86 & vintage styles.

Some photos are self explanatory.  You can click on any photo to view a larger version of that specific photo.


Bulb – Post 86 vs Vintage
Vintage bulb’s were actually dipped into the glaze where post 86 bulbs were sprayed.  You can see in the below picture how the glaze will show in vintage but just a little over spray will appear on the post 86.
P86 – 3-3/8″ height x 3-3/8″ diameter
V- 3″ diameter x 3-3/4″ height – 1-3/8″ opening
Fiesta® Bulb Candleholder Comparison

Pyramids – Post 86 vs Vintage
The easiest way to determine which one you have is to check the glazing. See if the inside is glazed (as shown below) & if it has sagger pin marks.  If it does then it is vintage.  Also most post 86 pyramids will have an “H” on the bottom.
P86 – 3-3/8″ height x 4-1/4″ diameter
V- 4-9/16″ diameter 3-1/2″ height
Fiesta® Vintage vs Post 86 Pyramids


Bud – Post 86 vs Vintage
As you can see in the below picture, the vintage bud vase is a little taller than post 86. Also most post 86 bud vases will have an “H” on the bottom.
P86 – 6-3/16″ height x 2-15/16″diameter
V – 6-5/16″ height x 2-7/8″ diameter
Fiesta® Bud Vase Comparison
Fiesta® Bud Vase Base Comparison

8″ Vase – Post 86 vs Vintage
Most post 86 vases will have an “H” on the bottom.
P86 – 7-3/4″ height x 3-3/4″ diameter
V – 7-15/16″ height x 4″ diameter
Fiesta® Vases 8 Inch Comparison

Medium Vase – Post 86 vs Vintage
Most post 86 vases will have an “H” on the bottom.
P86 – 9-5/8″ height x 4-7/8″ diameter
V – 10″ height x 5-1/8″ diameter
Fiesta® Vases Medium Comparison

Back Stamps
Fiesta® Vases Back Stamp Comparison   Fiesta® Medium Vase Base Comparison

FYI – Vintage 12″ Vase measures 11-3/4″ height x 5-15/16″ diameter
Fiesta® Vases - Post 86 vs Vintage


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